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Thought Field Therapy / Emotional Freedom Technique #01


Benefits of TFT and EFT :

• Can permanently dissolve negative emotions, leaving you free to enjoy life to the full.

• May enable you to permanently overcome phobias.

• A powerful tool in assisting with addictive behaviour.

• Memories are not eradicated, but you may find that previously distressing memories no longer upset you.

• You do not need to re-live painful memories or talk about sensitive or embarrassing situations - you simply need to think about what you are feeling and experiencing now.

• Can result in complete or significant relief within minutes.

• Have no adverse side-effects.

• Can aid personal development by overcoming limiting beliefs

Your thoughts give rise to your emotions and your emotions give rise to your thoughts ……Therefore your thinking processes and emotions create the life that you experience. Meridian therapies such as TFT and EFT break into and influence this creative cycle and are therefore powerful tools for personal transformation.

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What happens during the treatment?

Initially a case history will be taken and you will have an opportunity to discuss with me the nature of on-going issues. Following this we will decide which issue to address first.

You remain fully clothed at all times and remain seated in an upright chair.

Having explained the procedure in detail, I will then ask you to ‘tune into’ (think about) the problem and will ask you to rate the intensity of your emotion on a scale of 0 – 10 (this gives us a ‘yardstick’ against which to measure progress). I then guide you through the process whereby you yourself tap the appropriate acupuncture points. The process continues until the subject in question no longer causes emotional distress. However it is often the case that one unpleasant memory/emotion leads into another one in a ‘daisy chain’ effect, so we simply continue the process for as long as necessary.

You will be provided with instructions to take away with you, so that you can continue to apply the technique between sessions, should that prove necessary.

So what is Thought Field Therapy and Emotional Freedom Technique?

TFT and EFT are self-administered, safe, natural, drug-free therapies which have a very high success rate.

The cause of any negative emotion is a disturbance in the body’s energy field.
By tapping lightly on specific acupuncture points (mostly on the head and hands) it is possible to dissolve these ‘disturbances’ in the energy field, thus eliminating the resultant negative emotions. It is irrelevant whether the issue being addressed happened 50 minutes ago or 50 years ago, ancient issues respond to treatment just as easily as more recent events.

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) may otherwise be referred to as ‘Meridian Therapies’ because they utilise the body’s meridian system to dissolve unwanted emotions. Meridian therapies often work where nothing else will. Many clients have previously tried other approaches without lasting success, and have turned to Meridian Therapies as a last resort.

TFT was discovered and developed by Dr Roger Callahan PhD, a Californian clinical psychologist, a little over twenty-five years ago. Since then TFT has been developed as a powerful psychotherapeutic tool and used world-wide as a means of helping those caught in natural or man-made disasters.

EFT was devised by Gary Craig a few years later and it utilises the same basic principles as TFT but with some distinct differences (see below). EFT is easily learned and once its basic concepts are grasped, EFT is a powerful tool for personal transformation.

As mentioned above, these meridian therapies work on the premise that negative emotions are caused by ‘disturbances’ in the human energy field. Left unaddressed these disturbances can give rise to problems such as:

Addictive behaviour
Emotional problems
Difficulty overcoming shock and trauma
Anxiety and panic
Mental Health Issues
Eating Disorders
Fears / Phobias
Sleep disorders
Compulsive disorders

Below is an explanation of the differences between TFT and EFT.

Thought Field Therapy

In TFT it is felt that different emotions require the application of different algorithms (tapping sequences) – not all the points are tapped on each occasion. During a treatment session Clients are asked to ‘tune in’ (think about) their issue and are then given the appropriate tapping sequence, which they then apply to themselves. Each emotion/problem will require the application of a different tapping routine. So TFT is a bit like applying the appropriate combination to a lock - application of the correct combination (algorithm) unlocks the way to freedom from your symptoms.

Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT uses all the same treatment points as TFT and is also self-administered. However there are two main differences between EFT and TFT:

1. With EFT a setup statement is employed first, e.g. “Even though I am afraid of flying (or whatever) I deeply and completely accept myself”. This is stated out-loud whilst constantly tapping a specific acupuncture point.

2. Instead of having a specific algorithm (tapping sequence) for each of your issues, the same standard tapping procedure is followed every time, whereby all the treatment points are tapped during every self-administered treatment session (or sometimes a short-cut method may be used).

Frequently asked Questions

Q How many sessions will I need?

A At the outset it is impossible to predict how many sessions may be required because there is no way of knowing how many traumas or negative life experiences are contributing to the emotional difficulties being experienced. It may be possible to successfully eliminate a phobia within one session, but in cases of chronic anxiety or depression several sessions may be required.

Q I find it difficult to talk about what has happened, how can this approach be of help if I cannot talk about my problem?

A You do not need to talk about anything specifically if you do not wish to. All you need to do is think about your issue and tune in to the feelings that arise.

Q For how long do the benefits last?

A Once an issue has been thoroughly dealt with, the beneficial results may well be permanent. The reason for this is that once the disturbances in the energy field have been dissolved, they are simply not there any more and so they cannot cause further emotional distress.

Q I don’t know why I am feeling the way I do so how can TFT/EFT help?

A It is not necessary to know why you feel as you do. I will simply ask you to tune into what you are feeling emotionally now.

Q I’ve tried to deal with my issues in the past, but it only seemed to make things worse – I come away feeling more anxious and upset than before.

A Many therapeutic approaches cause you to talk about yourself but do not adequately resolve the emotional releases that arise during this process. TFT and EFT can be powerfully effective in dissolving these emotions immediately they arise. In addition you will be given handouts and instructions so that you know how to work on any issues that may arise after your session.

Should you have any other queries or concerns please do not hesitate to telephone or email me.

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