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Testimonials #01


I have been visiting Judy for regular reflexology to help with my headaches and for general well-being. After my pregnancy reflexology helped me to cope during the months following my C-section. The sessions leave me feeling relaxed and energised and the severity of my headaches has diminished.

Judy is professional and knowledgeable. We talk about the stresses in my life and she is very supportive.

Tracy H

Dear Judy

I would like to say what an absolute pleasure it is to have met you. Your treatments have done so much for my well-being. I first met you around 6 years ago and you have taught me so much. The Reiki work-shops have been really beneficial to me and I love having treatments with you.

I've had Reiki and Reflexology before but nothing compares to your treatments. I feel a real connection with you and am honoured to have you as a friend. I am feeling so much better after all the depression I have experienced and always look forward to my treatments with you.

Faye D

Dear Judy,

A huge ‘thank you’ for everything you have done for me over the months. Coming to see you was one of my best decisions. You have helped enormously in my past, present and future life

Kate T

Words cannot fully explain what a positive influence my Reflexology and Reiki sessions with Judy have had upon my life. I’ve been having weekly sessions for over seven years, choosing whichever treatment takes my fancy at the time.

The whole experience, from the décor of the treatment room and the beautifully relaxing background music, to the treatments themselves, is one of peaceful tranquillity. So much better than previous experiences in sports and heath centres where the environment can seem rather cold and clinical.

The intelligence within the body, mind, spirit- call it what you will - seems to instinctively know exactly what you need to take from each session whether it be a ‘pick me up’, a detox or just pure self-indulgent relaxation.

Don’t believe that Reflexology, Reiki (or any of the other treatments that I’ve tried on occasions) will immediately resolve all of your worries, fears and anxieties. However, they will most definitely give you a firm but gentle push in the right direction if you are serious about wanting to move your life on.

Nicholas L

I first started seeing Judy a few years ago, I can’t remember exactly what my first visit was for, but for me that is the beauty of EFT, the issues that you have disappear to the point you can’t actually remember what they were.

Initially I remember being somewhat sceptical that ‘this tapping’ would work, but I went along with an open mind anyway. It did work and I have worked with Judy on and off over these last few years, returning when my progress through life throws up another barrier that I wish to eliminate.
Judy is great; she’s fun, kind and always so understanding. If she feels that you are close to a breakthrough she won’t just pack you off because your allotted hour is up.

Recently I have started seeing a life coach, after each coaching session I arrange a visit to Judy. Any issues that arise during my coaching session, Judy has helped me to remove. My coach told me last week that my progress has been amazing, and I can only attribute this to Judy’s wonderful skill and her patience of a saint.

Judy through EFT has helped me to make my life a better place to live and for that I thank her.

Clare G

Dear Judy,

I have just done some EFT with the collarbone breathing treatment. I feel so good. After my session with you on Friday I felt incredible and just wonderful - really alive.


I have been with Judy for a little over a year and have had various treatments all of which have been wonderful. EFT has been of particular help in my own healing and I would not have tried this without Judy's guidance and support. Judy has a way of knowing exactly what you need. Judy is a wonderful person who creates a caring, facilitative fun environment in which you are able to let go, relax and enjoy a treatment and/or a healing experience. I cannot recommend Judy highly enough.

Julie J

Facial Reflexology is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had. It leaves me with a huge boost of mental and physical energy.

Jane R

Just one session of Facial Reflexology combined with Reiki has actually got rid of all the things my GP has not been able to cure for decades. I'm more focussed, have more energy and my body feels as though it is balancing out. But the best thing is, I feel happier without even trying.

I've booked more sessions and would definitely recommend these natural, drug-free treatments.

SJ (47 yr old, mother of two)

I have been coming to Judy for a few years for foot reflexology. Recently Judy suggested that I try facial reflexology. I have been going through a very stressful time, due to family illness. I can honestly say that facial reflexology is so relaxing and therapeutic. The mind completely switches off and as a result the body just seems to fall into a deep state of relaxation. Judy just very gently massages the face muscles with oil that feels and smells wonderful. I absolutely love the experience of facial reflexology and regard it as a treat to myself.

Patricia B

Hi Judy

Thank you for my wonderful Reiki treatment yesterday. I feel very special today, refreshed and stronger .

Carol H

Dear Judy,

My treatment yesterday was such a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the Reiki and felt so good afterwards. My body felt energised and spacious.

Thank you very much for yesterday - it was absolutely fantastic.


Dear Judy,

I just wanted to write to you about the Level 1 Reiki attunement I received from you. I can actually feel what I would describe as a constant warm and comforting sense of energy throughout my entire body - subtle yet powerful!

The possibilities of usage are endless. Not only am I in constant awareness of my own inner peace of mind and spirit, but I am also able to witness the Reiki healing energy, influence the health and wellbeing of my close family and friends in a positive way.
I would like to thank you for this wonderful gift, which I now share in practice, with my family and friends. To anyone else I would say "Give yourself this gift!... It's the best present you will ever receive!”

Janet K

Dear Judy.

I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing the gift of Reiki with us. I really enjoyed the day and it was a blessed experience which has changed my life for the better.


Dear Judy

I can't tell you how wonderful I felt - and still feel - after yesterday's Reiki workshop. I felt really enervated and encouraged and very privileged to have been taught by you. Thank you.

Mike L

Dear Judy

Thank you so much for a Magical Day – one I shall always remember. Its such a lovely feeling to have been given the timeless gift of Reiki.

Sally A

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