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Metaphysics #01

What do we mean by Metaphysics?

The potential is there for life to be fun, but the ups and downs of modern life cause so many of us to feel lost and out of control.

Although we all live in the same physical world, each one of us occupies our own unique 'reality bubble' and it is the contents of that reality bubble which defines our life experience. If something does not conform to your individual reality, it can never be true for you (even though you may actively desire it).

From the moment of birth we begin to furnish our bubble with the emotions and conditioning we accumulate as we go through life. Accumulated emotions and conditioning form a 'filter' through which we perceive the world around us. When the filter becomes clogged it limits the light and energy that is naturally available to us and as a result we may experience feelings of isolation, frustration, depression, anxiety and ill-health.

By spring-cleaning our reality bubble and discarding thoughts and emotions that no longer serve us, we clear the filter that has limited our ability to live life to the full.

Thoughts are 'things'. Thoughts are potential energy patterns of the same subtle forces which created our universe. In recent times even astro-physicists are beginning to realise that the whole universe is like a 'consciousness soup'. "More like a great Thought than a great machine", said Sir James Jeans, an eminent physicist. That is to say, Thought manifesting as matter. Everything is made of the same basic scientifically unfindable 'stuff' - consciousness. Consciousness is everywhere and manifests through what we think of as our individual minds.

Therefore metaphysics facilitates an awareness of the One Unlimited Creative Energy of the Universe which operates within and outside ourselves and permeates all things. This energy operates in accordance with our thoughts and beliefs. We have free will to think as we choose, but we are responsible for the consequences of those thoughts - for example, negative inner dialogue is likely to manifest less desirable life experiences, whereas positive inner dialogue assists us in creating the life that we desire.

Metaphysics is a philosophy of life which transcends the limited self to become aware of the spiritual nature within. It is an understanding of the influences that shape our perception and therefore the life that we experience. It is not what happens to us during our life that matters - the crucial thing is how we interpret and react to those events.

The universe operates in accordance with universal laws such as:

  • Cause and effect (as you sow, so shall you reap)
  • Attraction (we draw into our lives that which we think about and believe to be true)
  • Growth (once the seed is planted in fertile soil it will grow - the 'soil' can be your mind and the 'seed' can be an idea!)

    Through applying and understanding metaphysical principles and Universal Laws we can transform our lives. The only limiting factor is the extent to which we are truly ready or prepared to change.

    The solutions to life's challenges are not outside of ourselves, but within.

    We live in a magical world - what we perceive with our senses is but a tip of the iceburg of reality. Nothing conveys this more graphically than the unfolding mystery in our corn fields every summer. For many years I have followed the phenomenon of crop circles. Many people are not aware of the complexity, beauty and wisdom inherent within them - simply writing them off as 'crop vandalism'. In fact science has evidenced that the formation of a crop circle often leaves tangible traces indicating the crop circles are formed by a technology that employs something akin to microwave energy. Corn stalks show signs of having been super-heated and soil changes can sometimes cause a ghost of the image to appear in the subsequent year's crop where the affected soil yields a crop of a darker green. Visit Crop Circle Connector and Temporary Temples for more information and wonderful images.

    Sometimes we know, deep down, that we are looking for something more in life, but we don't know what it is or where to go to find it! There is an organisation called Alternatives in Piccadilly, London that offers inspirational talks every Monday evening and some Saturday workshops.

    As The Sufi Teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan said:

    "Living in the world without insight into the hidden laws of nature, is like not knowing the language of the country in which you were born".

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